Our main objective is to supply the best, most cost effective solution to your network infrastructure needs


At Ceatron, networking is not just cabling and we're not just cablers.

Our main objective is to supply the best, most cost effective solution to your network infrastructure needs. Whether it is in your home or your office, our technicians get the job done right.


We install structured cabling, which is the acknowledged way to transmit information around today's electronic office environment. The cabling is designed to transmit signalling for data, voice, CCTV, Fax, music, video conferencing and other media inputs that call for reliable high speed signalling


Unlike a wired network, a WLAN can be installed quickly, even in areas where wiring is difficult. It allows your employees to work anywhere in your premises, with access to your corporate network information and applications. Major corporations have overwhelmingly embraced this technology for the convenience, mobility and productivity it offered. Now with enhanced security and access speeds, WLANs are also a natural fit for small and mid-sized businesses:

  • Convenience: access the corporate network from anywhere within your compound
  • Productivity: work can be accomplished from any location
  • Ease of Installation: does not require costly installation of cable
  • Flexibility: can accommodate suddenly increased number of clients


Here’s a list of the main areas where CEATRON can help:

  • Your Server has gone down
  • Network trouble-shooting
  • Network Audits, maintenance and fine tuning
  • Planning your Network (for current and future needs)
  • Network set-up incl. source & supply of suitable technology
  • Arranging and over-seeing cabling installation
  • Network server configuration-Optimum performance for all users
  • In-house training in Network / Server use and management
  • Regular Network maintenance checks (remote and on-site)
  • Regular Network System management for optimum efficiency
  • Supply of Servers and software plus loading and configuration
  • Regular Server management incl. reconfiguration where helpful
  • Server trouble-shooting–often done remotely for regular clients
  • Server Audits, maintenance and fine tuning


To arrange a consultation or discuss your project, please send us a message.